Jennifer esposito
Biographical information
  • 1899
  • Deceased

Nurse (Early 1800s)

  • Witch
  • Human (was human)


Family information
Family members
Supernatural information
Significant spells
  • 'NO Humanity' Spell
  • Some Unnamed Spells
Cause of death

Stabbed and feed on.

Killed by

A Vampire

Played by

Jennifer Esposito


Alex listen to me you don't have to feel if you don't want to just listen to me.
— To Alex IN Don't Dress

Early History

Sila's was born into a very poor and unfortunete family in a Little villiage named Totingham also named as Totulita as it was known as in 1800s upto the 1940s.Silas was also a very poor and lonley child who was never able to do what the other children could do in her villiage. Her Family wasn't ever seen out, so there fore never named.

It was 20 years later in Liverpool, were she caught wind of witchcraft and everything supernatural happening in that very city, even enthough no one had never noticed supernatural happenings there. There was alot of it happening, Ghosts,Witches,Vampires everyone you could think off. And when she was told to be a witch, and to this day they who told was right.

After History

In 1910, Sila never did return to her homeland. Meanwhile she found out about a young boy named Alex Wifferton who was turned into a vampire, and she used her witch powers to make him unfeelable with her NO Humanity Spell and with that Sila's felt very powerful and with all that power she was the only witch that knew that spell.


Brown Hair Curly. Brown eyes. Her clothes are casual.