Jessa Salvatore
Biographical information
  • 10th Century (aged 10)

April 12th 999




Elementary Student





Family information
Family members
  • Pearl (Mother/removed)
  • Anna (Sister/Half)
  • Bella Swan (Step-Mother/Removed)
  • Unnamed Cousin +
  • Unnamed Auntie +
Supernatural information
Significant spells

Destruction Spell (Keep the dead alive)

Significant sires
  • Katherine Pierce (Removed/2012)
Significant kills
  • Bella Swan (When Transition happened)
Played by

Mackenzie Foy


I Don't think I should stay here mom.
— Jessa to her Mom in Last of the summer Vains

Jessa Salvatore is although last name is Salvatore, was not a official member of the Salvatore family, she was 10 when she died, from unhealthy blood loss but a unnamed Witch from the Bennett family found away to bring her back to life but not a human but as a vampire. Her family was destruct when they found out about her transition into "A Monster" as they said, They would not allow a vampire of such age be in there country so her and her family decided to flee the country leaving her true love Hendrix Behind.


Years after the back to life business, Jessa Decided to visit a little place is The United Kingdom named Liverpool , She becamed drawn to the City because of some vampire legend and she had to be the one to fight the creature off.

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