Alex Wifferton
Biographical information
  • 1902 (11/103)
  • 1910
  • Undead
  • Student
  • Vampire
  • Male
Family information
Family members
  • Katerina Petrova (Mother)
  • Unnamed Father †
  • Unnamed Sister †
  • Elena Gilbert (Descendent)
  • Tatia Petrova † (Ancestor)
  • John Gilbert † (Descendent)
Supernatural information
Significant kills
  • Unnamed Woman (Transition)
Cause of death
  • Gave blood secretly and killed.
Killed by
  • Unknown assailant (His father) (As a Human)
Played by

Nathan Gamble

I Would of never chosen to be this horrible creature!
— To Katherine After Transition

Early History

In 1902 Alex was born into a wealthy family in A unknown Country in France. In 1910, His Mother Katherine was unknown how he would survive after he was diagnosed with a ghost sprit from the 1st century. His Mother was very terrified of what could happen to her son. The Villages people had no choice but to kill him, before the disease was spread from person to person, But before they could kill him, a unknown assailant gave him vampire blood and Unknown to the villages people. He returned to life under there noises and the unknown assailant told him "You must feed or you will die", So Alex fed on some unknown Woman and Man, Alex began to feel the power as he fed which was not meant to happen. When his Mother found out, She was distort and terrified of him. A few years later, Alex found a Witch named Sila that put a spell on him, It was called A NO Humanity Spell A spell to make vampires or humans not feel hate, love, pain or regret, It worked a charm for Alex. It was only 300 years later that Alex found out that the unnamed assailant who killed him was His Father!


"I love you Mom" He smiles and hugs her. "I will never ever be loved again!" he cries to Sila after he turns vampire and leaves france. "I don't need you anymore!" he says (NO HUMANITY)


Whitish Blond hair. White face, With Brown Eyes. He normally would were normal clothes, but now he has no humanity he's nothing to do with normal anymore.